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Eric and Estelle

We started exercising with Adrian almost 20 years ago. At that time we were in our 50’s and thought we were doing everything we needed to for our age. The last 17 years have completely transformed our lives and exceeded all expectations. Not only have our physiques been reshaped but it has influenced every other aspect of our lives. We are fitter, healthier ,more energetic and feel wonderful for a couple in our 60’s ! Adrian’s knowledge, sense of humor and sincere dedication inspire us to continue with our three weekly sessions. We hope to maintain our relationship with him well into the future. Eric and Estelle Janet.


When I started with Ashley, I was at a loose end, 25kg overweight, sedentary and depressed! I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined that a little over a year later I would have completed the Comrades Marathon, 25kg lighter, and as fit as a fiddle! I enjoyed every moment of the training process. Ashley’s slow and systematic approach and unwavering belief in me made the seemingly impossible a reality. A truly life changing experience.


My experience has been and continues to be great – the environment is friendly, positive and professional, the program is goal orientated and tailored to one’s personal requirements. As one improves so more and more aspects of body health are addressed. in my experience I’ve learnt much more about nutrition , interval training , heart rate management and funnily enough stretching and resting. In my opinion if one is serious about all round fitness a professional guide is essential. Ashley continually changes the routine and makes sure the exercises are performed in a technically correct manner. I would never have been able to ride the Joberg2c, a 9 day endurance race, without the support of Ashley. David Gnodde


I think everyone faces aging with some degree of anxiety. We no ! longer look and feel the way we once did… And now in 2013, the year I turn 50, I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. But I decided that I have the power in myself to make the change. So when I met Ashley Galliard for the first time, I was very excited. We sat down and discussed my goals and expectations. I wanted to leave this program feeling fit and empowered. What followed in the next two months was an all-over body transformation. I ate 5 small meals a day, balancing between protein, carbs and essential fats. I did resistance training, combined with cardio vascular training, which included steady state cardio, as well as high intensity interval training – which included my karate, kata box and Pilates classes. I set out to train on average 1 hour per day – 6 days a week and managed to comply with my goals. I lost weight (6 kgs) and changed my figure drastically (32 cm). I have never felt better about myself. Ashley tau! ght me life skills – how to eat healthy and how to stay in shape. I am eternally grateful to Ashley who empowered me and helped me regain confidence in myself. I now feel that I am in control and I look forward to what the future brings.
Lynn Fisher


Ashley’s personalized approach to training is what I found the most beneficial. He made sure that he worked with my specific goals in mind and helped me realize what my strengths and weaknesses were. He showed me what I need to do to improve my technique which helped me see great results. Following his training program and eating plan helped me slashed me body fat percentage to the single figure mark. Bradley Seaton-Smith


When I decided to start hitting the gym for the first time in my life I first decided to get a personal trainer to help me. Although the trainer showed me how to use the machines I was exercising without a proper training plan, eating plan or goals and after about 4weeks I wasn’t getting any results and I was very disappointed. A friend recommended I contact Ashley Galliard who then worked out a proper eating plan and training plan specific to my life style and goals. I almost immediately felt the difference and starting seeing results very soon. I followed his plan religiously for 8 weeks straight without my trainer. I couldn’t believe the results after 8 weeks and I cannot stress enough how much his program and advice through the 8 weeks helped me achieve my goals. Bottom line is if you train without a well worked out plan, whatever your goals, you will be wasting your time! Christiaan du Plessis


I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley Galliard on numerous occasions, both in his capacity as a consultant to Sleek Geek and on a personal one on one level.For the last 9 years, I have had a passion for training and exercise and fully believe that a healthy body does indeed lead to having a healthy mind, heart and soul and whilst I have never had any formal training, I have had interactions with many personal trainers over the years and many of them simply seemed to have their own interests in mind.

With Ashley it was a completely different experience.When I met Ashley I was in a place where I was frustrated with my training and the advice I had been getting. I am not sure whether it was a case of “it’s easier to keep telling people to keep doing what we have always told them to do “, or a general apathy towards challenging existing exercise ideals – but I felt that it was generally very hard to find someone who could give me clear direction and instruction and add true value to my journey – irrespective of the qualifications they might have. Ashley restored my faith! Jonathan Allan-Barrett