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Corporate Services

We are here to ensure that you become the best possible version of yourself. We want you to perform optimally in your career, family life and at play. Our services are designed to help you to achieve balance in life and develop your wellbeing in several dimensions, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Your wellbeing interventions should not be another demand placed on your precious time, they should complement and enhance your day whist providing valuable tools to help you grow.

We focus on three key areas: Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management/Sleep.

  • For executive teams, we start the GFIT EXECUTIVE programme with a half day workshop on mindful nutrition, exercise and the importance of sleep.
  • With the foundations laid, we want to understand your personal needs and tailor a solution for YOU.
  • Assessment: You probably receive an annual or biannual medical check-up. Our assessment protocols therefore focus more on performance elements such as metabolic strength, power output, muscular strength and endurance, muscle imbalances and postural analysis. However, we also conduct health/medical assessments if required.
  • We then create an exercise plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle.
  • In addition we conduct lifestyle and nutrition interveiws that help us tailor a nutrition plan and coaching programme to fit your lifestyle. Coaching is delivered both online using sophisticated coaching software and through face to face consultation.
  • We conduct a Vitals executive stress assessment to determine causes and symptoms of stress in your life. This includes a report with resilience building strategies and ongoing support through the coaching process.
  • GFIT has an executive sleep clinic at our Norwood premises run by a leading clinical psychologist specializing in sleep disorders. She conducts sleep assessments as well as ongoing counselling and coaching
  • Weekly 20 minute Skype/ZOOM consultations for face to face intensive coaching sessions to track progress and help you overcome your biggest challenges and harness your power
  • Nutrition coaching sessions are interchangeable for Skype/Zoom home exercise coaching sessions.
  • Services are offered either at GFIT, your office or online for your convenience.

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