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About Us

Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep. These three rocks underpin your foundation of physical wellbeing and high performance. Furthermore, they are key components of stress management and mental and emotional wellbeing. The thing is, exercising regularly, eating healthily and getting a good night sleep are not things you simply do because your doctor says you must, for many they are illusive pursuits.

“I know what to do but I have a hard time staying consistent”

We get it! Through a lifetime of study, self discovery, personal experience and working with clients and loved one’s we get that behaviour change is a learned skill that takes time and practice working through a series of small progressions- baby steps. Change doesn’t just happen overnight.

  • We meet you where you’re at, assessing YOUR unique needs and abilities.
  • We tailor exercise and nutrition plans to YOUR needs and level.
  • We provide daily support, guidance, accountability and resources to develop the skills YOU need to succeed long term. We’re in this together!
  • We make healthy living a habit and natural part of your lifestyle.
  • We have proven systems that work (ask our clients)(Link to testimonials)
  • Stick with us and YOU WILL be in better shape than you ever thought possible!

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I’m often asked, how did you get into the fitness industry and working with clients with such unique and individual stories? The truth is, just about every memory and experience I have had has led me to this amazing career and to where I am today. Growing up as an active kid; moving schools as an awkward skinny teenager with few friends and falling into the wrong crowd; training in the gym in a relentless pursuit to ‘get buff’ in my often misguided attempts to overcome my low teenage self-image; training for personal bests in the gym, on the road and sports field; battling debilitating injuries; sharing in the struggles of clients, friends and loved ones as they strive to overcome obesity and illness and witnessing first-hand the joy when they succeed and change their lives. Every experience has entrenched me deeper in my love for health and fitness and driven me to grow my knowledge and understanding of myself and people (with all our unique differences and similarities) and what makes us tick mentally, emotionally physical and spiritually. I am an eternal student privileged to be in an industry where every new client and friend is both my teacher and mentee.

Whether it’s weight loss, weight gain health or high performance, or you’re recovering from an injury, I have been there, either in my personal experience or in someone else’s corner who is going through what you’re going through right now. I know what it takes to conquer demons and I know from experience that if we take this journey together you will come out on the other side a changed person, and so will I!

  • BPhys Ed (4 year professional degree) University of the Witwatersrand 1996-2000
  • Psychology 3rd year
  • Human Movement Science 3
  • CSCS (NSCA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (post graduate)- 2014
  • PN (Level 1) Precision nutrition coach – 2015
  • (LTAD) Long Term Athletic Development (IYCA) (cert) – 2016
  • Back Stability Integrating Science and Therapy American Academy of Health and Fitness – 2017
  • Weight loss and transformation: hundreds of success stories over twenty years
  • Preparation for sporting events, eg Comrades Marathon, Argus, Stage racing, triathlons, rugby, rowing and touch rugby.
  • Special needs: youth physical development and performance, youth with low muscle tone; ADHD; postural correction
  • In addition, I work in consultation with medical practitioners with clients who suffer from diabetes, osteoporosis; injury rehabilitation; and the elderly.
  • I run a successful online exercise and nutrition coaching practice Ashley G Coaching (GFit umbrella) using the world renowned PN ProCoach software platform.
Some notable clients over the years from our GFIT Gym and Sports and Fitness Academy which we owned and ran from Saint John’s College in Houghton include:
  • A young Chris Froome (at school) 4 times Tour de France winner
  • First 15 Rugby
  • First Team Water Polo.
  • Gauteng Provincial Touch Rugby Squad, men and women.
  • 10000m champion (Poppy Mlambo)
  • Springbok touch rugby players
  • Scott Spedding (at school) (rugby international, France)


Hi, I’m Adrian and I love adventure! Haha, that’s a bit of strange way to start my about me page (sounds more like a profile for a dating site!) But to be serious, I believe that life is an adventure to be enjoyed, and this is the spirit I bring to my client’s exercise and transformation journey with me. Through my own experiences as an avid mountain biker- I have learned invaluable lessons about training protocols and conditioning-what a wonderful way to apply and adapt my scientific knowledge to the often harsh reality of real life experience. The biggest lesson I’ve learned however over the years is just how strong the human mind and spirit is. You can achieve infinitely more than you think, and when you think you can’t go on, I know that you have what it takes to achieve goals you never dreamed possible! I have had the privilege over the past 20 years of being involved countless transformations that prove the strength of the human spirit time and time again.

I work with clients ranging from people who have never exercised before, looking to lose weight and build strength, to people wanting to enter their first stage race or park run as well as competitive athletes. I am passionate about working with Kids, because of their spirit of adventure, ‘nothing is impossible attitude’ and willingness to learn.

What can you expect from training with me? I bring a spirit of adventure coupled with a balanced and sustainable approach towards exercise and lifestyle change. You will train harder than you’ve ever trained before, without you even knowing it and have a lot of fun in the process!

  • BADA (Wits) (Majors Movement and Psychology)
  • Cert Exercise Science (ETA)
  • Cert Personal Training (ETA)

Adrian is a Wits graduate who has had nearly 20 years experience in the fitness industry.

His experience covers personal training and management in large commercial facilities, as well as running his own personal training consultancy with his brother, Ashley, for the past 17 years.